Mirchi Review – Its regressive cinema.

Mirchi is yet another run of the mill stuff that telugu movies these days are made of. you have a hero who can bash up hundreds of men, he has a back story in which there are two warring families and yes you  guessed it right our hero brings them together. Its all been there seen that stuff.

Jai played by Prabhas plays this super cool dude who lives life for the day kind of philosophy meets Richa in Italy and from here this harebrained story moves to her home in  a small village in Andhra Pradesh, where Jai tries to change these blood ridden retarded goons to civilized people. The film gets really tiring here on as the Hench men of the two rival families try to kill each other and a doze of high decibel fight sequences packed in, only relief coming from the most reliable Bramhanandam and music by devi sri prasad.

Prabhas is not fully convincing in his role and seems to lack ideas to portray the part.  Among the other cast; only Anushka and Bramhanandam stand out who deliver some laugh out loud moments. On the whole Mirchi is regressive cinema and has nothing new to offer , avoid it, is my recommendation.




SVSC Review

SVSC – Simple, beautiful but not soulful.

SVSC is  one of those kind of films where after u come out of the film u feel frustrated not because u saw a bad film but because u feel how good the film could have been but isn’t in spite of everything going for it. Star cast, dialogues, performances but it lacks a strong point to drive home.

As everyone knows the film is about two brothers peddodu (venkatesh) nd chinnodu (Mahesh) who cant live without each other; While peddodu is a straightforward non diplomatic guy who quits his job just because his boss tells him to be practical in life where as chinnodu is a charming and street smart guy and girls fall for him with a blink of an eye. These two brothers belong to a middleclass family from coastal Andhra and their father played by Prakash Raj plays a clichéd character of the one who did not earn them a fortune to rely upon but taught them values about being kind to other people.

Second time director srikanth addala intends to tell the story of the ups and downs in the relation ship of these  two brothers but there is not really any major conflict to speak of due to which there lacks any drama taking the story no where. Although the first half of the film sails through smoothly with some predictable but well executed scenes between the two brothers and their family members and thanks to a effortless performance by Mahesh with a east Godavari lingo who manages to generate quite a few laughs with every other dialogue. Credit should be given for venkatesh for strictly sticking to his character and playing his part well its clearly Mahesh who steals the show. Speaking of other actors, both the female leads are just dolls and there is not much to speak about them.

Although the makers should be lauded for making an honest attempt for going ahead and making a clean family film without getting tempted to add the so called commercial props like comedy track’s, introduction fights or item numbers, they lack a strong story to back this nice looking feel good film hence ends up being a drag especially the second half after having a smooth first half.

On the whole SVSC is not a bad film but its disappointing that it could have been a much better film, it’s a one time watch.

– vidyuth.

Treasured Lessons

With a simple narration of a boy’s journey in search of his treasure to realize his personnel Legend, PAULO Coelho’s “the Alchemist” has touched many of my own internal conflicts and made me pause for a while & think about my own personal legend which I put on hold as I was busy doing things which everyone expects me to do whether I like it or not.

Through an episode where the boy tells his father that although he is well versed with 3 languages and has adequate education he would want become a Shepherd as he loves travelling the author teaches us that irrespective of what we have learnt all these years it is more worth while to leave them behind and do things what you enjoy if what you learnt is not use full in realizing your dream.

The book does not teach anything new but what it does is reminds us and further bolster’s our forgotten wisdom that “ones personal treasure is where one’s Heart is”

& encourages us to take a risk to change things by referring to things like “Beginners luck”

& makes us realize that “Fear of Suffering is worst than the suffering itself” there by telling us to change things to live more than doing what we do just for living.

The author uses the alchemist who by definition is a one who transforms any metal to gold  as an analogy to tell any person who can transform omen’s (opportunities) to realize his personnel legend is an alchemist himself who’s life will be as dazzling as gold.

– Vidyuth.

How to minimize corruption in India


Looking at the present scams in India reminds me of a quote from Ayn Rand which fittingly describes the current state of affairs

“when you see money flowing to those who deal not in goods but by favors,
    when you see that men get richer by Graft and Pull than by work,
    and the law does not protect you against them but protects them against you,
    when you see corruption is being rewarded and honesty becomes self sacrifice,
     you know your society is doomed “

Let’s not be too pessimistic and look at the brighter side of it, we can see that even in this poor state of affairs our Judiciary and Electoral systems are functioning independently and have restored some credibility but the question is that enough? No certainly not, it’s not practical in any country to approach the courts for day to day issues like obtaining ration card, driving license and we can’t afford to wait for 5 years to vote out a corrupt government or leader.

Moreover corruption or any malpractice is not function of individual person’s or particular political party’s morality, it’s about the system’s loopholes which need a fix. The solutions for these lie in institution building and strengthening our systems which does not allow a bureaucrat, a politician to ask for bribe and for corporate’s to offer bribes.

The solutions for these are obtained by a multi fold approach which includes taking measures in minimizing the dependency of the people on Government based public delivery systems to eliminate corruption faced by common man and bringing strong anti graft laws will ensure transparency at the top level for the big ticket corruption.

So corruption India can be categorized in to two kinds:

1)      Low Level Corruption

2)      High level or big ticket corruption

 Measures to eliminate low level corruption:

Low level corruption means the corruption which a common man faces on a daily bases for obtaining his basic needs like ration card, Passport, License, opening bank account etc. so in order to reduce corruption at this level we need to minimize the interface between the public and the government for these services there by effectively reducing the need for the people to depend on government for these services and as a result of which there is no scope for corruption. To achieve this, the following measures need to be taken:

 1)      Minimizing  the Interface between public and Government

This can be achieved by the use of technology where in every citizen of the country is provided with their identity in the lines of the “Social security number”

in the USA, what this kind of system does is by just giving this number your entire record can be traced and reduces a lot of paper work and empowers many poor people for whom all the paper work for each and every service they require may be overwhelming due to which they depend on that PDS officials.

2)      Empowering consumer with more choice :

More choice can be created by privatizing the many public limited services as privatization creates more choice and results in competition among the different players involved there by empowering the people to choose a company which gives them the best value, take the example of the telecom sector where 10 years ago there was only Government run telephone company was operating it was difficult for people to obtain a new connection where as today when there are so many private operators due to the heavy competition just a phone call is enough to obtain a new connection.

3)      Simpler laws :

In India to start a business or to even build a house there are numerous layers of departments and licenses to be obtained and getting all these done can be a herculean task than the business it self and exploiting these archaic system bureaucrat’s pressure the common man for corruption. Compare this to a system in USA where to build a house all you need to know is a set of guidelines given in a book let and follow them stringently and at the end of your construction there is only one officer who inspects it and approves the house if your house meets the requirements, so if we can replace these archaic laws with simple laws it can reduce corruption to a large extent.

 Measures for Big Ticket corruption:

Big ticket corruption refers to the corruption at top level like the 2G spectrum scam and coal block scam. To eliminate this we need the following measures:

1) Lokpal with Lokayukta law: A strong anti graft law like the lokpal which also includes the lokayukta’s for the states and which is independent of the Government is the need of the hour.

2) Transforming Politics: last but not the least in order to achieve all the measures above we need to transform the way our politics function because the solution to all our problems only lies with politics and for the transformation to happen we need leaders of society to enter politics and we need more active participation of public especially the educated class, middle class and Youth to participate actively and forcefully like we did in the Lokpal movement.


Rockstar Review

Rock star Review: A film with soul but not without flaws

Rock star showcases the journey of Janardhan Jakhard a jat delhi boy who strums his guitar in campus hangot spots , bus tops etc to how he becomes  Jordan a Rockstar who gets everything he dreamt of but yet is frustrated, unhappy and often resorts to violent

Bursts as he is missing his love heer (Nargis Fakhri) separated by Traditions, society and norms and one day dream to go and live in a world which has no good and no bad.

The first 30 mins or so of the film has its Laugh of Loud moments as Janardhan is advised by his friend that one can’t create great music until one’s heart is broken and until one goes through Pain in life, heeding this advice Janardhan sets up to break his heart

By trying for the most sought  after girl Heer in the campus but in the process of doing this both janardhan and heer  become best buddies and this portion of the film once again shows Imtiaz’s core strength to create a crackling chemistry between his leads which is evident in

all his films.

Infact it is Love and Pain which brings out the best music out from Jordan as he  realizes how much he loves heer only after they get separated as heer is married and goes to Prauge. Rock star is essentially a complex love story with music as the backdrop.

What makes this love story interesting however is Imtiaz ali’s screenplay as the story unfolds in a non linear manner moving back and forth multiple times narrated with some Heart thumping music from AR Rahman which reflects the mood of Jordan.

However the film is not without flaws especially in the second hour where it slows down and some scenes looks repetitive and script looks haphazard as some antics of Jordan look little silly and un reasonable. Imtiaz ali is  able but he is not in full command as was the case with

Jab we met, and ultimately the film belongs to Ranbir Kapoor one can’t help but has to become a fan of him after this effortless performance of a complex transformation from Janardhan to Jordan.  Look at the scene where he mocks as if his heart is broken entering the canteen and argues over the chutney for samosa’s, or the way he operates on the stage for the song SADDA HAQ he completely owns the song and makes you believe he is singing the song himself.

One the whole Rockstar is a film with Soul but not without flaws. I will give 3 stars one for IMTIAZ ali, one for Ranbir and one for AR Rahman. It’s kind of film which stays with you even after you leave the hall.

–         Vidyuth.

Solace in Soltitude

When I sleep with out an alarm,

when i wander aimlessly while a cool breeze flows through my hair,

when i hear soulfull music which is in rythm to the weather outside and in sync with mood inside,

while i sip my chai infront of a tranquill lake,

while my mind is free of conflicts and has no deadline for time,

while my heart elated for doing nothing,

when i hum songs in soltitude,

I experienced solcace…. Solace in Soltitude.

– vidyuth.

If 100 crore indians were like me then :

1) JP sir would be india’s prime minister.

2)there would be no praying to god,hence no religion,no conflicts,no terrorists,more peace and less problems.

3) RGV would have made 10,000 films.

4) The legend of bhagath singh would have been the biggest block buster ever and K3G,Devdas would have been utter flops.

5) no boy would get influenced by a girl’s tears

6)no girl would fall 4 guys who pamper and flatter them.

7) ofcourse rasgulla,biryani,chai pathi,would become scarce.

8)there would be no ornaments,no pets,no cartoons,no beer, no cigerattes, no TV soaps, no greeting cards.

9) ofcourse rasgulla,biryani,chai pathi,would become scarce.