Stand out ideas in the manifesto’s of BJP, Congress and APP

Stand out  ideas in the manifesto’s of BJP, Congress and APP

BJP Manifesto 

Focus on center- state relationship:

As  election after election we see newer regional parties increasingly gaining strength in there respective states, there are increasing conflicts involving issues of the Federal structure of India and it is important to recognize that there are 2 engines of Power structures one at the central level and other at the state level which need to run in coordination for India to move forward and there have been many policy decisions which have been stalled in the UPA government because of the lack of trust and coordination between the center and state governments, so BJP’s inclusion of this very crucial  problem in its Manifesto is a good sign and also this is a stands out feature of BJP  as the Congress and AAP have no mention about this very important problem in their manifestos.

2)  Digitization and E governance : There is a lot of focus on Digitization of all government records and ideas of National E-libraries for students is a very practical and significant one.

3) Judicial and Electoral reforms : 

BJP promises a Judicial commission for Appointment of Judges, this has been a long pending reform bill and will improve accountability of the judges if implemented

 State and National elections together :        

This will do a lot of good for the country if implemented as it not only reduces the election  expenses for both Political parties and Governments but also avoid situations where Governments  delay or post pone certain decisions in view of the elections ( state or center)  in the middle of there term as it is now.

4) Infrastructure :

BJP promises to build 100 new cities and many more Sataliite townships, this will transform india if implemented.

A lot of focus on Roads and connectivity for Northeast, Jammu and Kashmir stets.

5) Transport and Tourism :

The ideas of Bullet trains and Tourist/ Piligramage trains are truly new and fresh ideas.

AAP manifesto 

1) Jan Lokpal bill :

AAP as expected promises a more Empowered, independent and Accountable Ombudsman that the present existing one passed by the UPA , this bill if passed is expected to curb big ticket  corruption.

2) Decentralization of Power :

AAP promises a swaraj bill which will empower the gram sabhas / Municipal wards by providing them with funds directly to implement development activities in their locality according to their needs and priorities.

3) sweeping electoral reforms :

AAP promises radical changes in the way elections are conducted in the country which includes :

 a. Appointment of Election commission  by a multi member committee rather than Government

b. Political parties to be brought in under the purview of RTI to increase transparency in the way parties are funded and how parties spend their money.

c. The existing first past the post system to be replaced with Proportional representation.

If the above three can be successfully implemented then there can be paradigm shift in the politics of our country as this would help increase the winnability of good candidates who need not resort to money or muscle power, and also will curb corruption as the source of corruption today lies in the way political parties are funded today.

Congress manifesto :

Although the congress manifesto promises economic growth, inclusive development, tax, police, Judicial reforms, these all are policies which are also promised by the above two parties as well, unfortunately there are no stand out ideas or policies from the congress Manifesto.