Treasured Lessons

With a simple narration of a boy’s journey in search of his treasure to realize his personnel Legend, PAULO Coelho’s “the Alchemist” has touched many of my own internal conflicts and made me pause for a while & think about my own personal legend which I put on hold as I was busy doing things which everyone expects me to do whether I like it or not.

Through an episode where the boy tells his father that although he is well versed with 3 languages and has adequate education he would want become a Shepherd as he loves travelling the author teaches us that irrespective of what we have learnt all these years it is more worth while to leave them behind and do things what you enjoy if what you learnt is not use full in realizing your dream.

The book does not teach anything new but what it does is reminds us and further bolster’s our forgotten wisdom that “ones personal treasure is where one’s Heart is”

& encourages us to take a risk to change things by referring to things like “Beginners luck”

& makes us realize that “Fear of Suffering is worst than the suffering itself” there by telling us to change things to live more than doing what we do just for living.

The author uses the alchemist who by definition is a one who transforms any metal to gold  as an analogy to tell any person who can transform omen’s (opportunities) to realize his personnel legend is an alchemist himself who’s life will be as dazzling as gold.

– Vidyuth.


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