Mirchi Review – Its regressive cinema.

Mirchi is yet another run of the mill stuff that telugu movies these days are made of. you have a hero who can bash up hundreds of men, he has a back story in which there are two warring families and yes you  guessed it right our hero brings them together. Its all been there seen that stuff.

Jai played by Prabhas plays this super cool dude who lives life for the day kind of philosophy meets Richa in Italy and from here this harebrained story moves to her home in  a small village in Andhra Pradesh, where Jai tries to change these blood ridden retarded goons to civilized people. The film gets really tiring here on as the Hench men of the two rival families try to kill each other and a doze of high decibel fight sequences packed in, only relief coming from the most reliable Bramhanandam and music by devi sri prasad.

Prabhas is not fully convincing in his role and seems to lack ideas to portray the part.  Among the other cast; only Anushka and Bramhanandam stand out who deliver some laugh out loud moments. On the whole Mirchi is regressive cinema and has nothing new to offer , avoid it, is my recommendation.




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