SVSC Review

SVSC – Simple, beautiful but not soulful.

SVSC is  one of those kind of films where after u come out of the film u feel frustrated not because u saw a bad film but because u feel how good the film could have been but isn’t in spite of everything going for it. Star cast, dialogues, performances but it lacks a strong point to drive home.

As everyone knows the film is about two brothers peddodu (venkatesh) nd chinnodu (Mahesh) who cant live without each other; While peddodu is a straightforward non diplomatic guy who quits his job just because his boss tells him to be practical in life where as chinnodu is a charming and street smart guy and girls fall for him with a blink of an eye. These two brothers belong to a middleclass family from coastal Andhra and their father played by Prakash Raj plays a clichéd character of the one who did not earn them a fortune to rely upon but taught them values about being kind to other people.

Second time director srikanth addala intends to tell the story of the ups and downs in the relation ship of these  two brothers but there is not really any major conflict to speak of due to which there lacks any drama taking the story no where. Although the first half of the film sails through smoothly with some predictable but well executed scenes between the two brothers and their family members and thanks to a effortless performance by Mahesh with a east Godavari lingo who manages to generate quite a few laughs with every other dialogue. Credit should be given for venkatesh for strictly sticking to his character and playing his part well its clearly Mahesh who steals the show. Speaking of other actors, both the female leads are just dolls and there is not much to speak about them.

Although the makers should be lauded for making an honest attempt for going ahead and making a clean family film without getting tempted to add the so called commercial props like comedy track’s, introduction fights or item numbers, they lack a strong story to back this nice looking feel good film hence ends up being a drag especially the second half after having a smooth first half.

On the whole SVSC is not a bad film but its disappointing that it could have been a much better film, it’s a one time watch.

– vidyuth.


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