Ram Lela is a well crafted and well casted film

Ram Lela is a well crafted and well casted film

As expected from a Sanjay leela bhansali film Ram leela is a visual treat as he mounts each frame deliciously  with vivid colors and grandeur but what’s different and what scores in comparison with his previous films is that he creates two feisty characters Ram and Leela and backs them with equally sharp dialogues and swift peace until the interval, post interval the film goes down hill but thanks to the terrific performances from the leads and other ensemble cast I never lost interest in the film.

Ram leela is an indianized version of Romeo Juliet set In a fictional village in rural Gujarat where Violence is a way of life between to waring factions of Rajadi and Sanera and expectedly Ram and Leela belong to these warring families but what works most in the film is the sizzling chemistry between deepika and ranveer Singh right from the first scene they are together and the films most enjoyable moments are between them, unfortunately as then story progresses to the point where the two lovers are separated by there respected families, movie slips and many scenes don’t make much sense and too many songs and fights don’t help either.

Over all Ram Leela can be a good one time watch for its performances, ace camera work from Ravichandran and of course in the end it’s a  Sanjay bhansali film as he is credited as writer,music composer, editor and Director   ,it’s a signature bhansali film.


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