About My Icons

Jayprakash Narayan :

Jp sir as he is called is a hero for me, when i watch his interviews, speeches or when i read about him i feel a rush of inspiration in me and an urge to do something, to change something. His story from being a Physician who was deeply moved by the Loknayak JP movement against emergency to one of India’s most successful IAS officer to an activist for Political reforms to a politician who is toiling hard to reform our countries Politics which is stuck in a vicious cycle of money power, criminalization, cast equations. with a  general acceptance by public at large that we need a crook to work a crocked system, Jp sir has accepted a humongous challenge to fight for new politics without involving money, criminals and vote buying there by giving a hope to many like minded people like me who are interested to contribute but till now had no option to participate in politics as the traditional parties were practicing immoral and unethical politics where there was no space for common people.

When you hear Jp sir you will know he is a man with a sea of Knowledge and immense wisdom coupled with logic,sharp and crystal clear articulation of problems of India and solutions to tackle them, I don’t know what should be done to see India as a developed nation but i know one thing for sure if we can implement what JP sir says we can see India as a developed nation.

Some Quotes from of JP sir :

“ The answer to bad Politics is only better Politics and more Politics ”

“ It is always a small group of thoughtful committed people who change this world”

“ The solution is not the change of players but change of Rules of the game”

“ I believe there are two sins in our country one Unfulfilled Potential and the other Avoidable suffering and i get angry when i see this all around but i don’t show my angry face instead i channel my anger in a creative and constructive manner.”

Ramgopal Varma :

In every ones life knowingly or unknowingly there will be one person who shapes our thinking, attitude towards life and  influences the decisions we take, in my case undoubtedly RGV is the most influential person who has not only moulded my thinking but also provoked, enlightened and connected in may ways and made me a happier, stronger person.

The first ever time i heard the word director was when my father told me about RGV and then when i watched SHIVA (RGV’s first film) when i was probably 13-14 when i had a little more sense of cinema, i was blown away  it was only gradually as i grew up watched more movies like RATRI, Kshana kshanam, and came to know all of these are RGV films, my curiosity started to grow,but my curiosity for RGV and his films peaked after i started watching and reading his interviews mostly in the film magazines at my barber’s saloon, his responses to most questions would range from extremely frank to funny to shocking but they had some connect with me sub consciously whether be his views on GOD/religion or the Hypocrisy of our society or his discomfort with social formalities, and slowly i was waiting, searching for his interviews. I remember a time when there was a ad on gemini TV that the coming sunday there is an interview with RGV and i was desperately waiting for that and almost felt a feverish frenzy before the interview got started the kind of anxiety we experience when we are sitting in an exam hall waiting for the Question paper.  Although i never missed even a single interview of RGV, still did not understand the personality, philosophy or his beginnings until he started writing his blog “ RGVZOOMIN.com” which gave the most insight in to what shaped his personality and how he deals with his life and also introduced me Ayn Rand.It was this blog which really made think about life and what is that we get happiness from and how one should face conflicts, confusions and problems. I spent many hours day dreaming and having sleepless nights just thinking about these blog posts and RGV’s philosophy and still continue to do so.

RGV not only made many Path breaking films but he influenced a generation of film makers both in Telugu and hindi Film industries, there are approximately 30 – 40 directors today  who were assistants with him and many more technicians who he introduced as he says “ I don’t give chances I take chances” .

The 2 most important things i realized from RGV is

  1. Success is that ability to do what ones wants to do from the time we wake up to time we sleep, instead of just going about life with a 9 to 5 secure job from which we are always hoping to get a break just because we are too afraid of tomorrow and just bend down to social pressures. Although i am no where near of achieving this success, at least i am aware that i am not.
  2. every one will have flops and hits in his or her life and it is more likely that one has more flops than hits. but when you have flop, instead of worrying start thinking, thinking will lead to decision- decision will lead to work – if it does not work well all you have to do is RE-WORK .


Some Quotes from RGV :

“ Your Life is your decision”

“ The point of life is there is no point to it and the best point one can aim is to live it point by point and point to point”

“ Ramusism is about all ism’s and no ism at all, taking what ever is suitable for you to achieve your goal and discarding the rest”

“ Its not about learning its about unlearning”

“ Stop worrying and start thinking ,thinking makes you reach a decision and the decision you reach will result in work and if the work does not result in what you wanted from it, all you have to do is Re-work”



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