Badshah Review – An overstretched formula

Badshah –   An overstretched formula

Any regular consumer of Telugu cinema, knows exactly what to expect from a Sreenu Vaitla film irrespective of who the star of the film is, his films right from Dhee, Ready, Dubai seenu to Dookudu all have followed the same formula of a harebrained story with a heavy dose of comedy, so there was no surprise to see the same formula repeat even in Badshah unfortunately i felt this time this was stretched bit too far.

So you have the routine hero introduction fight followed by few comedy scenes followed by some more fights  and comedy again around which a harebrained story is woven which is so stupid that iam incapable of articulating it. As in every Sreenu vaitla film in this film too the hero (Jr NTR) plays a gag on Bramhanandam and this time too scenes involving this is enjoyable part of the film.

The film starts off on a positive note with a very enjoyable first 40 mins or so where the comedy really clicks between Jr NTR, Kajal and Vennela Kishore but then the film is pulled down when director decides to devote some time to action sequences which involves a typical telugu hero bashing villains left right and center and some punch dialogues are poured  in, which don’t hold any gravity what’s so ever, but much to one’s relief the director again returns to his trademark comedy sequences involving Bramhanandam, post interval where there are some Laugh out Loud moments, but then the film gets dragged into some very silly twists and turns which look stupid even after coming prepared to suspend one’s intelligence, worsened by the overdose of fights and speed breaking songs.

On the whole even after having some very enjoyable portions of comedy, I came out of the hall feeling bored and clearly this film is an over stretch of a time tested formula, time has come for Sreenu Vaitla to  try something new.


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