Viswaroopam – A brave film but not a gr8 one

Viswaroopam is a brave film but falls short to be called a great film. the film is a spy thriller with a simple premise of a spy played by Kamal hassan who is on a mission to destroy the  terrorists who plan to explode NY with a kind of a nuclear radiation explosive called “the dirty bomb”.

The film takes off on a very interesting note with a thrilling action episode and dives right into the story without any delay and what works the most in the film is the way the hero’s characterization packed with some surprise elements and well sketched supporting characters around him. The film can boast about its world-class technical appeal and Kamal hasan should be  lauded for executing a 95 crore movie with utmost seriousness and focus on the story line and not compromising it with any commercial trappings.

Having said that this film falls short on two accounts ,first its the pace at which it moves, especially in the portions shot in Afghanistan and secondly a rather dull climax which fails to build any tension or urgency, where it should have been a nail biting, race against time kind of a thriller.

As expected it is Kamal hassan who steals the show and the female lead Pooja kumar who is pitch perfect as a confused and surprised wife who has no clue about her husband’s job and manages to create quite a few laughs.

Viswaroopam is a entertaining enough for once but a tighter script would have made it a great one.

– vidyuth.


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