Love is an over rated word!

I see most people around me, my friends, my family and also in countless films there is always talk about LOVE as a pure, selfless emotion and most important thing of life. I am not saying it is not important but I detest it when it is talked about with a sense of reverence and sacredness, As I think  Love is the most Selfish emotion and hence it cannot be pure and the driving point for it to happen is entertainment and it is nothing more than a hobby and operates on the same principles of a business and has to do as much with mind as it is with heart.

 It is a hobby :

The reason why I say the driving point for a relationship is entertainment is because when I ask many of my friends why and when did you start trying for a girl invariably the answer is when they felt they were bored and lonely. So actually what triggers any relationship be it love or friendship with any “one” or for that matter any “thing” is actually boredom and an urge to pass time. If you observe carefully through the racks of society you will find that more love stories are found with people belonging to the Rich and wealthy class than people belonging to lower middle class as rich people tend to have less problems and more time at hand and this results in more number of relationships. Even If there are 40 people in a class  one becomes only friends with may be 5 people because he only enjoys the company of these 5 amongst all the others in other words he is entertained most when he spends time

With these 5 and when he meets a girl of his sensibilities and taste he will find her company more entertaining than these 5 and she takes priority over these 5. Once you start enjoying each other’s company you start meeting more often whenever you find time which is nothing but a hobby and this hobby may turn into attachment which is called love. So any relationship happens only for 3 reasons : 1) Entertainment, 2) need , 3)attachment. Consider a situation where you are idle and feeling bored think  you will think of either watching a movie, playing some game on your mobile or calling up your friend, Now you decide to call or watch a movie purely on what you feel will be more fun at that point time than anything else.

A selfish emotion :

Love is a selfish emotion because when a boy says he loves a girl what he really means is he is gaining pleasure from her face or personality or character or a combination of all three and vice versa, you only love anyone only if you gain pleasure from it and once you stop getting that you will

Eventually break up which means it’s the most selfish emotion. Many people think they are doing a favor by taking care or making a sacrifice for the person whom they love what they don’t realize is they are doing this only because they are internally gaining happiness doing that. So in love if you love some one it is not selfless but selfish emotion and there is nothing wrong about it.

It is similar to a business:

Ayn Rand long back said that “Love is a business in which character is the currency” , you love some one only because you love his virtues, character or achievements etc, and in turn that person is complementing you with same kind of respect, affection etc. Love does not exist without give and take .

Our minds from centuries have been blocked by preaching’s, teachings, films that loving some one is something great which is not and I want to end  this hype.




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